In Canada we took the highway going north from Detroit, through London, to Toronto and followed it through Kingston up to Ottawa and then to Montreal. We made a one-day visit to Niagara Falls when we stayed in Toronto.

Niagara was beautiful in winter. One could see branches of trees through a solid thick layer of transparent ice formed by the freezing mist sprayed on them by the falls. It looked like a museum of glass sculptures.

Canadian FallsAmerican FallsNiagara falls in winter

Skydome offers the best view of the huge Niagara Falls from above, but don’t miss the walk under the falls or the light show in the evening. The small town of Niagara is filled with small shops selling souvenirs, restaurants and various kids’ attractions.

Toronto was our favorite city in Canada. It made an impression of a modern, safe, clean and hard-to-get-lost-in city.

CN Tower is a must at sunset, that way you’ll get to see Toronto both at day and night. For those with a good nerve for heights there is a glass floor where you can learn how to walk for the second time.. After all, you are on the world’s highest free-standing structure.

CN Tower, TorontoToronto from the CN TowerPantages theater, Toronto

As for culture, the world-famous Phantom of the Opera performed at the old Pantages theater stood for its name. But be warned, the first few rows were not for those with a weak heart. The effects were stunning and the beautiful music kept playing in our heads for another week.

3D-IMAX theater, Toronto’s new attraction, took our breath away. First we tried to touch things that were appearing right before our eyes, then crying for help and jerking left and right to evade the objects flying right at us or the giant dinosaur about to eat us for dinner.

Parliament, OttawaChateau Laurier Hotel, OttawaOttawa is the capital of Canada, its political center, the seat of government and the parliament. The parliamentary buildings are pretty concentrated and tours are offered free of charge. Definitely worth visiting are the parliament library, bell tower.

Ottawa is known for its grand canal used by many to skate to work through winter and is beautifully decorated by ice statutes.

One block from the parliament is a frequented shopping street and a museum of coins. Canadian National Gallery is just a 15 min walk from there. Once in Ottawa it is a good idea to walk to the other side of the Ottawa river and visit the Museum of Civilizations with its huge spaces.

Montreal strikes the eye by how different it is compared with the previous two cities. Its European atmosphere is underlined by the old Victorian houses, with stairs leading into the entrance doors and citizens wearing French fashionable clothes.

You’ll get a nice view of downtown if you walk cross the university up on a hill. During the night the skyscrapers are nicely lit up providing some good shots :-).

Montreal at nightMontrealNotredame cathedral, Montreal

Kingston is a nice stop between Toronto and Ottawa. It’s a historical small town, but serves as a holiday resort during the summer months. I can imagine that water sports are the big thing there.

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