Our route 66

Now take a map and follow our route. We covered about 12,000 kilometers in four weeks.

Urbana-Champaign by {72 West} around Decatur to Spingfield. {55 South} to St. Louis and then by {70 West} to Kansas City. {35 Southwest} to Emporia and into Wichita. Straight West by {54 and 400} to Bucklin and on to Dodge City by {400}. Getting on the old scenic Santa Fe Trail, which is {56 Southwest} all the way down crossing Oklahoma. Route changed into {412}, then {56/64} and {56/412} as it junctions to {25} going Southwest into Las Vegas. Next stop is Santa Fe. We move on North to Taos, Taos Pueblo and make a short round trip to the Vietnam memorial in Angel Fire. {64} to Chama through Rio Grande Gorge and on by {64} to Bloomfield where we visited the Aztech Ruins National Monument. {64} to Shiprock and by {160} Mesa Verde National Park. Back to Four Corners Monument and on by {163} to Monument Valley. {98} to Page – Glen Canyon National Park, Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powel. {89} then {64} through Kaibab National Forest, Painted Desert to Grand Canyon National Park. Back by {64} and {89} to Wupatki National Monument (crater) to Flagstaff on the Historic Route 66. From Flagstaff taking the scenic {89} to Sedona and up to Jerome mountains. Evening, nowhere to sleep, changing the route and going South by {69} and {17} to Phoenix. {8 West} to Yuma and on to San Diego. {5 Northwest} to Los Angeles. Scenic route all the way to Death Valley National Park, that is {15} to Barstow, Baker and then {127} and {190} straight into the park. Returning back to {127} by {178} and continuing on {15} into Lake Mead National Recreational Area. Las Vegas, Nevada, continuing on {15} leaving it at Zion National Park. Bryce Canyon National Park on to Capitol Reef National Park by {24}. Back to {70} taking {191} to Canyonlands National Park. Then to Moab and ArchesNational Park. Then taking the scenic {128} near Colorado River to {70} through Grand Junction to Rocky Mountains National Park. There going {40} and passing through the park by {34} and {36} Southeast to Denver. Then Wichita, Kansas City, St. Louis, etc. back.